Here are some of the common questions people have when considering choosing a professional window cleaner.

Your tap water contains dissolved impurities . In Leyland , these are at concentration of around 80 millions parts per million and they are what forms the scale in your kettle. I take normal tap water and pass it under pressure, through a series of indescribably fine filters, to remove all of the dissolved solids. What is left is Pure Water.

Pure water is carried in purpose-made tanks in our vans and is pumped up through a tube and a brush to clean your windows. Pure water is keen to dissolve anything it comes across, including the dirt and grime on your windows and frames. Once the dirt is scrubbed off, I rinse your window and leave it to dry naturally. Because the water is pure, it dries and leaves no marks at all. Your windows are cleaner than they ever have been before, no dirt , no detergent residues and no squeegee marks.

Most of our customers aren’t home when we clean so we offer a variety of easy payment options including direct debit, cheque, bank transfer and cash.

I really do pride myself on my reliability, as I know my customers want a regular visit. Thanks to the good old British weather, this means there will be times when I clean in the rain (although if the rains too heavy , i will call to re-arrange your clean) . You will see no effect whatsoever on the quality of your clean. My 100% satisfaction guarantee applies in the wet weather as well as the dry.

I’ll text the night before I’m due to clean so you know to expect me. All I ask is that you leave a side gate open on the day i am going to visit. If you forget , I’ll just clean the fronts on this visit (the charge will be 1/2 of the full price)

I only ever use ladders (and low ones at that) when I clean conservatory roofs.


I carry full public liability insurance for my peace of mind as well as yours. I’m happy to supply a copy on request.

I live in Leyland and work in Leyland (PR25 & PR26). If you require a one-off job in other areas outside of Leyland – please email and I will do my best to accommodate you.

We have three options for our customers-

  • Option 1 – once a month (12 cleans a year)
  • Option 2 – once every 2 months (6 cleans a year)
  • Option 3 – once every 3 months (4 cleans a year)
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